About the Bear

About the Blog

This blog began as a record of my one-year of preparation for my first strongman competition. Starting from nearly scratch, I’ve learned a lot along the way, and have now competed twice in British Columbia.

I have come to love the sport of strongman/ strength athletics, and I intend to continue pursuing it as a hobby.

This blog will serve as a journal of my training as I continue to compete as an amateur strongman, and work as an English Foreign Language Teacher overseas.

About Me

B.C. born and raised, currently living in Sanxia, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

I’m that kid who was fat in high school, but started working out and got fit after graduation. Grew a beard too, and enjoy visiting my old town and having people I used to know not recognize me.

I’ve never been in good shape, but from 2011-2014  I entered the world of Crossfit, and saw a huge boost to not only my personal fitness but also my self-confidence. I’ve always had a deep-seated desire to be strong, and I think that strongman is simply the most natural extension of that. I have no formal training. Everything I know I’ve learned myself through trial and error, as well as an enormous amount of research (do your homework, kids).

Why Strongman?

Growing up, I was always hypnotized by the feats of strength I would see on World’s Strongest Man. I didn’t watch it every year, or even really pay attention to it, but those images and impressions have stuck with me in to my adult life. Now, I’m an avid fan of strength athletics, and I’m keen to try my hand. My build has always tended toward stockier, and I’ve never been short on strength. As I’ve mentioned, I experimented with Crossfit for a few years, and it’s done quite a bit to help me shed some excess fat, and elevate my basic fitness. But long distance running and I get along like cats and mutant rodent super-soldiers. Cardio has never been my strong suit, and I enjoy weight training far more than I enjoy joggin.

More of the Bear

Instagram: @strongbelly


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