Training, Update

I’m Blogging Again!

Hello Folks, I’m back!

Following the Great Tumblr Logoff, I was left without a venue for my training log, so I’ve decided to return to active blogging here on WordPress.

An update on my life and training:

I’ve put on some weight, getting back up to around 115 kg a month ago. Shortly after my weight peaked, a friend of mine back home in Canada challenged me to a Fat-Off. We have until the end of June to lose as much weight as possible, and then pull the heaviest deadlift.

My current plan is to drop my bodyweight down to 105 kg, and then pull 230 kg for a new personal record, and my first Deadlift over 2x bodyweight.

I’ve just finished my first month of Special Deadlift Training, and I’m starting my 2nd round this week, slowly increasing the weight. If I adhere to my program, I’ll be able to pull 230 kg on June 30th.

That’s all for now!


The Bear

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