Saturday December 3rd Workout

Today was an excellent training session. A little disappointed off the start, since Formosa was having a certification class, and the open area was occupied. A little sad that I couldn’t do my movement events, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Had some classic Judas Priest keeping me moving today.

A also got to meet Dave, the owner. He was incredibly friendly, and very flattered that I make the hour-long metro trip to his gym every weekend. We chatted about training, and it looks like I may have the opportunity to compete in Hong Kong next fall, which would be something quite extraordinary.

Today was a split day, with a 20 minute break in the middle to rehydrate and have a light snack.

1st Half: Lower Body

SSB Squats:

  • Bar x 10
  • 50 kg x 8
  • 70 kg x 8
  • 90 kg x 5
  • 100 kg x 5
  • 110 kg x 5
  • 130 kg x 5
  • 60 kg x 8
    • Weights include 30 kg bar

Squats felt good today. I’ve been enjoying working with the SSB Bar. It helps me get low enough to save my knees and properly activate my glutes.

Farmers Walk Handle Pick-Up

No access to the gym floor today, so I did pickups with a 3 second hold.

  • 57.5 kg x 5
  • 67.5 kg x 5
  • 87.5 kg x 2
    • weights are per hand and include 17.5 kg implement

Midway Break

Log Press (strict)

  • 30 kg x 12
  • 50 kg x 5 (3)

Log Press

  • 60 kg x 4 (2)
  • 65 kg x 2

Log Press is definitely my worst lift, and my overhead strength in general is fairly low. But it’s slowly coming together. Working my carrying events, like Yoke and Farmers Walk, has been strengthening my core, and my overhead pressing is starting to feel a lot more stable and controlled.

Incline Bench Press

  • 40 kg x 12
  • 50 kg x 10
  • 60 kg x 5

My upper body was pretty burnt out after the log pressing, and I had the bench at a fairly steep incline. But still, by the last set I was totally done.

I finished off the session with 5 rounds of a circuit including: incline chest flys, tricep extensions, lat pulldowns, t-bar rows, and 3 types of bicep curls. This was a good way to finish off the day, with a nice arm pump and a good sweat. Now it’s time to eat, rest, and get ready for next weekend.


The Bear.

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