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Life Changes, Moving Forward

Sorry for the long absence. I had always meant to return to this blog, but life always seemed to get in the way. For those of you who stuck around, thanks!

In the intervening time, I never managed to finish the Starting Strongman 12-Week Program. After 5 weeks, I finally got a new job, and I moved to Taiwan!

So I am currently living abroad, and really enjoying it. Fortunately, thanks to Starting Strongman, I found a gym in my area that has TERRIFIC facilities. Yoke, Log, Farmer’s Walk Handles, the works. Everything  but tires and stones. Only downside is that it’s about an hour and a half travel time from my apartment. But so far I do weekly training sessions, on Saturday and either Sunday or Monday. I plan to continue this for the year that I’m here, with a heavy focus on training events. Since I have access to the event implements, I will be focusing on working with the equipment and developing my technique.


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