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I’m Still Alive!

It’s amazing how fast life can change. I let this blog lapse and I apologize to anyone who keeps coming back to the same, stale content.

I’ve still been training, pushing myself hard, and my first full Strongman Contest is coming fast, on June 4th.

I never got that 500 lb deadlift. Instead, I went back to school, and put on a ton of weight between Christmas and the end of March. Life got busy and my diet and training suffered. But with help from my wonderful partner, I decided that enough was enough. Since the end of March I have dropped down 25 pounds and I can now compete in the same weight class as my little brother.

I’m very excited to get out there and compete against what looks to be a strong field. I have no illusions, I’m not going out there looking for a top 3 finish. But I’m also unwilling to give anything less than 100% against my brother and the rest of the Light Heavyweights.

So I guess this is a welcome back for me, and a long overdue hello to you all.


The Bear

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