New Recipes!

Well it’s fall. That means hot cocoa, mulled wine, and slow cooker meals. My personal favourite season, not in the least due to the shift towards hearty winter dishes in my kitchen. In the spirit of fall, I’ve decided to gather a bundle of new recipes and get them up here. I’ve added a few already, and there’s more to come,┬áCheck ’em out!

Thoughts, Training

Keeping Positive

Had a long day, exhausted from work, but staying positive! Two really solid workouts this weekend. Managed to pull 405 lbs deadlifting for a pair of doubles, no straps or chalk. Also managed 4 reps of 135 lbs strict overhead press. I felt like i had a fifth in me, but I lost my air at the bottom of the fourth and bottomed out.

Considering both those weights used to be my one rep max for those lifts, respectively, It’s very encouraging to see progress on this scale, small as it is.


The Bear