The Quest for 500 (Part Two)

To meet my goal of a 500 lb deadlift by christmas, I’ve had to change my approach to training. For the next four months I will be moving away from my full-body program to a more focused one, centered on the deadlift.

I will deadlift one day a week, with another day devoted to leg accessory training, and 2 days devoted to overhead training. For the next 3 months, I will be doing low-medium weights and training for reps, rather than attempting to max out any of my lifts.

The workout program I have built works on the deadlift as a whole, with emphasis on my weak points, in this case, my lockout. To build strength above the knees I’ve added hip thrusters, rack pulls and upper back work to my deadlift routine, and I now alternate between conventional and sumo stance to better train my hamstrings.

September, October and November will be hard training months, with some few breaks (my partner and I’s two-year anniversary next weekend, for one) and the first few weeks of December will be for recovery. Midway through December I will prepare for a heavy lifting day and attempt a 500 lb deadlift.

I feel optimistic about my odds of success. My training is going well and I m seeing improvement in my technique already.

The added benefit of this new program is the additional high-rep/low-weight overhead training will help me build up the base muscularity to help my weakest lift: the log press.

Send some deadlift inspiration my way!

2 thoughts on “The Quest for 500 (Part Two)

  1. Hey, Exciting posts. I would recommend adding another day for deadlifts for speed. Use 50% and if you have access, bands and chains at 25% work well. Go for max speed and you will see major improvements to your absolute strength.


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