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The Quest for 500

So I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately.

How tired I feel, how frustrated, how far I have left to go, is it even worth it?

I’ve had really bad training sessions and come close to hitting rock bottom in my motivation.

But I keep coming back.

I work 8.5 hours a day in a sawmill and I still hit the gym 4-5 times a week for my training sessions.

I have no gear besides straps and chalk, and I work out in walmart sweatshirts and Chucks. I love it. I love the weights, the iron. I love the sweat and the grind and the burn and that incomparable feeling of breaking a PR.

My first meet whetted my appetite for the sport, and left me hungrier than ever to compete. I love this sport and I want to give my all at it. I’ve never met a more welcoming and encouraging group of athletes in my life. I felt truly honoured to be welcomed into the sport.

But I still wonder sometimes if I have what it takes. I wonder if I have the determination to push my body to its limits, to keep a strict diet and discipline my sleep, training, and recreation. I am full of doubt.

So I’m making a promise to myself. My Christmas present to myself and my followers will be a 500 lb deadlift.

To me, the 500 lb deadlift is an almost mythological lift. When I first started, it seemed impossible, and Eddie Hall’s world records godlike. But now I’m closer than ever to the 500 mark, and I’m starting to think that I can do this. I’m starting to believe.

So if I can do this, if I can make this happen, then I will truly believe that I can be a strongman. That I have what it takes. Because no matter what I hear, no matter what encouragement I receive, I still doubt. This will be my quest to purge that doubt.

Thanks for following, all of you. Your support means the world to me.


The Bear.


Strongmen, Strongmen Everywhere

Yesterday I was working through some assistance work for deadlifts, and decided to finish off by sweating through some axle cleans. Now, my gym isn’t exactly a strongman paradise, but it’s got this gorgeous rust bucket of a 3-inch fat bar that I use for my axle work. It’s heavy, and thick enough I can barely grip it. Beautiful.

So after grunting and sweating through the dirtiest continental clean set of my life, one of the gym regulars approaches me. A fellow named Dylan; one of those gym acquaintances you nod at and spot for occasionally, but I didn’t know much about him.

He asked me if I was training for Axle Press. I told him that I was, somewhat surprised and, lo and behold, Dyaln used to train for Strongman, but ended up dropping out due to not being able to find the equipment, or a place to train, or connect with the community. I can’t say I blame him, Whitecourt isn’t exactly a strength mecca (barring a few creatine-headed bodybuilders who may actually be the most obnoxious two individuals I’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of sharing oxygen with, but that’s a story for another blog post).

So I guess what I’m trying to get at it, keep training! Train alone, but keep training. You never know where you’ll find a budding strongman to support you, and these small encounters with members of this great community always inspire me to keep at it, and push myself harder.

Thanks a million, Dylan!


The Bear

P.S: for dedicated followers, I should have something new and cool up soon. Keep checking back!

New PR, Training

New PR!

Had a truly terrible workout last week, and it had been gnawing at me all week. Felt good today, and went in feeling optimistic.

Started with some high rep rack pulls to work on my weak deadlift lockouts, then decided to try out a little bench press. I’ve been trying to work on my tricep power lately, one of my weaker points.

Long story short, I ended up breaking my benchpress PR twice, going for 250, then making a clean 275. Might have had a few pounds more, but I felt like that was enough. Finished off with some heavy negatives. Absolutely crushing, but the workout was fantastic. Feeling good  today. Time to celebrate with bacon pizza.


The Joy of Ugly Sweatshirts

I have recently discovered the joy of training in a full sweatsuit, especially one ugly as hell and super baggy/comfy. It makes my workouts hell. The sweat just pours off me, I feel like I’m about to throw up. I guzzle water and hate everything.

But I never stop to check myself out in the mirror. I never try to talk to any pretty ladies (because are you goddam kidding me?) I just work out. Hit it hard and go home. I already know I look ridiculous, so I don’t worry about how I look. The self-consciousness I often struggle with just evaporates. All hail the magical tacky sweatsuit.


Head Down Training

Sorry for the quiet hiatus, but I’ve really just been trying to keep on a regular training schedule and stay focused and dedicated. I was struggling with my motivation a little last week, but this week felt very good.

I’ve been trying to work on my weakest areas, and focus more and more on my overall level of conditioning. Longer workouts to improve my endurance, and keeping up with my cardio.

Stretching every night seemed like a silly idea when i first started, but I’ve been doing it regularly to keep my mobility up, and it does quite a bit. A few minutes of stretching before bed every night helps keep my muscles loose and banishes that morning-after-workout stiffness.

Business as usual, and I’m well on track with where I want to be for competing in earnest next summer.



Leg Day is Best Day

Just had a devastating leg day session. Feeling absolutely destroyed and very much at peace with life. Nothing beats the feeling of good leg day pain.

This is the start of a somewhat new approach to my training. I hope to trim down significantly, and build more explosive power and endurance. Currently working on drawing out my gym session to push my body beyond is comfortable level of fatigue.