So Chris Davies managed to convince my brother and I to enter the Pharmafreak Caged Beast Strongman Showdown at the Vancouver Pro Show this weekend. Wasn’t ready, and the lifts all opened at 20 lbs shy of my personal bests. So I went in trying to have fun, learn a few things, and try my best.

I hit my goal of making all the opening weights, and the group of guys there was fantastic. Everyone was keen to give us advice and tips and make us feel welcome to the sport. Ended up having a great time, although I spent the majority of it just making everyone else look stronger.

Now I’m even more motivated than ever to push myself in my training, and be ready for next summer when I’ll compete again and try and improve on my performance.

Here’s the video of me bombing hard! Was nowhere near ready, and my old and weary lifting straps ended up letting me down on the deadlift (what more to expect from $4 straps?). Finished dead last in every event and loved it.

But I had fun, and now I’m more keen than ever to continue my training and be ready for next summer.

A huge thanks to Chris for getting me to come out and compete, and to all the guys, especially Colin, Mike, Brad, and Nick for the support and making me feel welcome to the sport.

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