Training, Update

Changing Up the Routine

So my recovery time hasn’t been where I’d like it to be, so I’ve decided to change up my 8-Day Workout Routine to let myself recovery better in the relatively short time between my squat and deadlift days.

I’d fallen into something of a trap. Always watching the bigger guys in the gym, watching world class strongmen online, and feeling more and more that the ground I have to make up is insurmountable. It’s been frustrating, despite my steady progress.

So feeling the need to catch up, I’d been trying the go heavy on my squat and deadlifts every day, and the strain has been slowly tearing me down and doing nothing but leaving me all the more tired and frustrated.

So I’ve taken some time, and enforced some discipline into my routine. Now, I’ll be alternating my squat and deadlift days. For example, if I go heavy the first week on squats, then I’ll spend my deadlift day doing accessory work. I feel like this will allow my body to recover more fully between my heaviest days, squat and deadlift, which have the double pain whammy of being the heaviest lifts in my repertoire, as well as hitting almost the exact same muscles.

Hopefully this will see me able to attack my wokrouts with a little more energy, and keep up my intensity. Trying the stay motivated is hard, but I feel like I can keep a positive mindset.

Bear Power!


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