Training, Update

Full Recovery is Official!

As of tonight, I have returned to full strength following my knee injury last November. If you recall, I mentioned earlier that it never healed properly, and that I had been working towards a full recovery last month.

I felt good after getting off work at midnight, so I went back to the gym for a little assistance work to top off my shoulder workout from before shift. One thing led to another, and, as I’m going to be working and travelling tomorrow, I decided to get a few squats in before the long weekend. One thing led to another, and I managed a full depth beauty of a squat at 315 lbs, equaling my previous best.This is the most I’ve been able to squat in almost a year, and it feels amazing to be back to full strength.

This has been the most encouraging sign so far that the Year of the Bear will see me making some serious improvements to my power and physique.

P.S. I put full credit on this amazing nocturnal feat on the double bowl of Chanko-Nabe I had for lunch; this batch featuring cod fillets and sriracha deliciousness.

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