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New Deadlift PR! The Big One!

After failing the 440 Axle Deadlift at the Caged Beast Show, on which I blame my old lifting straps, I was hell bent on nailing that 2X bodyweight I’ve been chasing. New straps, and I felt ready to go after three days recovery.

Weighed in before my gym session at 223 lbs, and went in to this beauty.

My first EVER double bodyweight lift. This is a huge moment for me, I’m very happy.

The straight bar attempt was close, and this session really hammered home my weak points to me. I’ll be hitting my hips and glutes hard to really strengthen my deadlift at the lockout, where I typically fail.

Already excited for BC’s Strongest Man and Battle of the Beasts next summer.


My First Competition

So Chris Davies managed to convince my brother and I to enter the Pharmafreak Caged Beast Strongman Showdown at the Vancouver Pro Show this weekend. Wasn’t ready, and the lifts all opened at 20 lbs shy of my personal bests. So I went in trying to have fun, learn a few things, and try my best.

I hit my goal of making all the opening weights, and the group of guys there was fantastic. Everyone was keen to give us advice and tips and make us feel welcome to the sport. Ended up having a great time, although I spent the majority of it just making everyone else look stronger.

Now I’m even more motivated than ever to push myself in my training, and be ready for next summer when I’ll compete again and try and improve on my performance.

Here’s the video of me bombing hard! Was nowhere near ready, and my old and weary lifting straps ended up letting me down on the deadlift (what more to expect from $4 straps?). Finished dead last in every event and loved it.

But I had fun, and now I’m more keen than ever to continue my training and be ready for next summer.

A huge thanks to Chris for getting me to come out and compete, and to all the guys, especially Colin, Mike, Brad, and Nick for the support and making me feel welcome to the sport.


Saturday at the Vancouver Pro Show

Had a blast today at the Vancouver Pro Show. Arrived a little late as I drove through the night after work, but still arrived in time to meet one of my biggest inspirations, Robert Oberst. And watching him crush out a 495 benchpress for 2 easy reps was amazing to watch.

Also had a chance to meet and chat with Chris Davies, BC’s Strongest man. Hopefully within the next year or two i can look forward to competing against him!



Crazy Random Road Trip

After some hectic last minute planning and spur-of-the-moment decision making, my brother and I are going to be making the long trek to Vancouver this weekend for the Vancouver Pro Show.

Very excited, despite the long drive, for the opportunity to meet one of my biggest inspirations for getting involved with Strongman, Robert Oberst.

Also, this will be a great chance to get in touch with the BC and AB strongman community. Very exciting. I’ll try and post some pictures as soon as I can.

Training, Update

Changing Up the Routine

So my recovery time hasn’t been where I’d like it to be, so I’ve decided to change up my 8-Day Workout Routine to let myself recovery better in the relatively short time between my squat and deadlift days.

I’d fallen into something of a trap. Always watching the bigger guys in the gym, watching world class strongmen online, and feeling more and more that the ground I have to make up is insurmountable. It’s been frustrating, despite my steady progress.

So feeling the need to catch up, I’d been trying the go heavy on my squat and deadlifts every day, and the strain has been slowly tearing me down and doing nothing but leaving me all the more tired and frustrated.

So I’ve taken some time, and enforced some discipline into my routine. Now, I’ll be alternating my squat and deadlift days. For example, if I go heavy the first week on squats, then I’ll spend my deadlift day doing accessory work. I feel like this will allow my body to recover more fully between my heaviest days, squat and deadlift, which have the double pain whammy of being the heaviest lifts in my repertoire, as well as hitting almost the exact same muscles.

Hopefully this will see me able to attack my wokrouts with a little more energy, and keep up my intensity. Trying the stay motivated is hard, but I feel like I can keep a positive mindset.

Bear Power!


Training, Update

New Shirts!

My fantastic new shirts from Lift Big Eat Big just arrived yesterday, and I celebrated by going ham on a deadlift training session.

Managed to get 495 lbs off the floor, bt not much past the ankles. Wasn’t expecting much more, but I was in the zone, and I really wanted to get a feel for the weight.

Training progresses well. I’ve been doing high pulls and rack pulls, along with accessory work to target my hips. My deadlifts are weak at lockout, and targeting the hips will help me build the strength I need to hold proper form at high weight (no hitching!).


Me (left) and my little brother/training partner
 sporting our new LBEB tags.


My shirt (close-up)


The complete collection

Buy the shirts we’re wearing here. I love the LBEB team; their philosophy, their attitude, and their overall amazing-ness. Follow them on Facebook, and keep lifting!


A Little Something New

Training is going well. I decided to shake up my routine a little today. Normally it would be bench press day today, but lately I’ve been thinking that the bench press, while one of the Big 3, isn’t really a lift I need to focus heavily on right now.

So today was devoted instead to some exercises aimed at improving my explosiveness and some event training.

Did some dumbbell snatch to work on my explosive strength, although I’m still struggling with the necessary shoulder mobility for proper form barbell snatch.

For event training, I did stacked plate rows to simulate Atlas Stone pickups. I loaded up a squat bar heavy, and did rapid step-ups on to a low box to build my strength in a yoke race. And i made use of the lovely loader tires my gym keeps outside for some good ol’ fashioned tire flipping.

A great workout, and I feel better than ever about my chances of being ready to compete next summer.

Bear Power!