New PR

When I Set a New PR, But Remember Eddie Hall

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For Comparison, here’s Eddie Hall’s World Record Deadlift

New PR, Training

New Deadlift PR

Managed to pull 425 lbs today! Feeling like I’ve finally recovered from the Mudder, and can start getting some traction towards my strength goals. Looks like the Year of the Bear is off to a great start!


First Workout

Had my first workout for the Year. Still not fully recovered from the Mudder, and I felt weak as a puppy today. Still, it felt good to be lifting again. Hopefully tomorrow will be stronger.

Training, Update

The Year of the Bear Begins

Just finished the Whistler Tough Mudder. It was a ton  of fun, and I feel good, but the Year of the Bear starts now! I’ll be posting my 8-Day workout routine and sticking to it as best as I possibly can. I have 402 days to prepare for my first ever Strongman contest, and I intend to be ready.

My knees held up well, which was very encouraging, and despite my worries about not being in good enough shape, I felt stronger than last year, and managed to complete the full distance without failing a single event. A very optimistic start to my Year of Power.

New PR, Training

New Record

Stronger every day! Managed a 415 lb deadlift today. Wasn’t pretty, but I locked it out, no straps, no belt.

Had a good day trip to Edmonton yesterday. Loaded up on Wok Box and stir fry for those sweet, sweet calories. Delicious Hong Kong spice with extra chicken.

New PR, Training

New Record

So the new shirt worked. Pushed myself hard today, and managed to break my previous benchpress record by 15 pounds! Felt amazing. I had been stuck at a plateau for a long time, and breaking through it, especially in such a large increment, was a huge personal success for me. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Feeling strong, and I hope to have a good deadlift session this Sunday.